La Rose Jean Honoré Mus ® by the House Meilland


“A child’s dream is often found in a rose. Seasons pass, the child grows, the rose follows him until the day of his baptism specifying his origins. Alain and Matthias Meilland wonderfully helped the child to grow up so that he could find a first and last name, reflecting generosity, insolence, caprice, love and tranquility.

The dream has come true and Jean Honoré Mus shares it with you…”


“La Rose JEAN HONORÉ MUS® Meibeljenb is, like the latter, a gigantea. Its flexible vegetation soars skyward to cling to the trees and rises up to more than 7 meters. Very healthy, it blooms in beautiful creamy white semi-double flowers with an incredible generosity to brighten up the garden in late spring. With a very Mediterranean malice, it will blum several times according to random rains and the freshness of Indian Summer.

Given its significant development and its impressive flowering (2 to 5 flowers per stem), the creeper rose JEAN HONORE MUS® Meibeljenb is ideal for covering a large facade, concealing lean-tos or walls, climbing to a tree , garnishing a large pergola or gazebo … On supports of this size, it will go beautifully with other climbers.

It’s not a rose, it’s a symphony in honor of the master, light and maintenance-free for a natural and soothing garden. »

Meilland International –


(©photos Stéphanie Knoblich / ©Eric Sander / ©Meilland International )