Jean Mus knew how to create a team of sensitive and reliable collaborators, with qualities he appreciates, throughout the years. The young generation, often elated, engages with the ancients’ experience and wisdom. The result is the vibrant, eternal beauty of nature, tamed for a while by their imaginative work.

Thus, the agency brings together necessary human resources and a good synergy, namely landscape architects graduates from national and international schools, landscape engineers, designers, project developers and site coordinators, gardeners. They all willingly collaborate with architects, urban planners and different specialised research offices.

Because it remains firmly rooted in all its creations, the workshop team likes to keep maintening its gardens throughout the years, hand in hand with faithful accomplices. The team gladly completes its projects with artists, painters, sculptors, perfumers or lighting engineers, as many partners gifted with talent and imagination. As an endless source of inspiration, gardens are the ideal place for them to express their art.

Furthermore, he created several partnerships abroad to ensure an efficient project setting up: in the Middle East, in Eastern and Northern Europe, in the Maghreb countries, in Africa and in North America.

His daughter Florence ensures the work’s continuity, with close long-term collaborators at her side.

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Our team applies skills and a solid expertise in terms of sustainable development.
Indeed, we approach our public and private architecture projects developping environmental solutions, often innovative and always respecting the identity and ecosystems of the Mediterranean region.

The projects we conduct together with our partners, architects and engineers, receive the French HQE certification (High Envionmental Quality) and the English BREEAM certification (Building Research Establishment Envionmental Assessment).

Planted roofs, dry prairies, landscape valleys and control of the plants’ water consumption are some of the solutions we develop to improve the building’s environmental performances.

Our sensitive approach of "wide landscape" and urban issues completes our large-scale work on landscape in general. Our reflections pertain to landscape, artistic and ecological continuum.