Who doesn’t have these images of the Mediterranean shores in the head, collected from various magazines, poetically rustic or lush landscapes? Quite often, these photos were taken in the gardens Jean Mus designed.

For more than thirty years, the landscape architect has composed, imagined and reinvented a mythical, deliciously sensual South.

Inspired by the Mediterranean basin’s wild and delicate nature, he is the heir of great landscape designers who breathed new life into the major gardens of the French Riviera.

Jean Mus combines ancestral savoir-faire with designing spaces and atmospheres respecting the environment and the site’s memory. He recognizes and integrates years of acclimatisation and exoticism into his creations.

To a demand often influenced by fashions, he brings coherent and accurate solutions, based on listening to his clients and on the spirit of the place.

Paying attention to technological progress, he still keeps in mind the knowledge and experiences of the ancients. He brings this into the designing process for his gardens to live and prosper in balance with landscape, climatic conditions, light and shade, and of course the passing of time.

Born in Grasse, the City of Perfumes, Jean Mus was educated by a father who worked as a chief gardener at the Villa Croisset and gave him the taste for a job well done. He was impressed by the genius of creative artists, architects, decorators or landscape designers, like Ferdinand Bac who conceived gardens like theatre decors.

Today his will is to share his emotions, sensations and aspirations for people to rediscover this "green" paradise in his gardens… the paradise of childhood.

"Gardens are a place of encounter and celebration where everyone, following his own culture, can find the sensations he seeks." Jean Mus


The Villa Croisset in Grasse, a childhood memory…



Graduate of the Ecole Nationale du Jardin et du Paysage de Versailles (Versailles National Garden and Landscape School)
Affiliate member of the Fédération Française du Paysage (French Landscape Federation)
L’Arbre d’Or "Jardins Privés" laureate (The Golden Tree "Private Gardens" Prize) in 1997 and 2000
Nominated for "Talent de Luxe" (Luxury Talent Prize) in 2010
L’Arbre d’Argent (The Silver Tree Prize) laureate in 2010
Grand Prix Architecture, Paysage et Patrimoine, Geste de Bronze (Grand Architecture, Landscape and Heritage Prize, Bronze Gesture Prize) for the Ritz Hotel Paris in 2017
Knight of the Ordre National du Mérite (National Order of Merit)
Knight of the Ordre de Saint-Charles
Knight of the Ordre du Mérite Agricole (National Agricultural Order)