The 3rd edition of the Côte d’Azur Gardens Festival, launched by the Department des Alpes-Maritimes, from March 27th to April 28th 2021, will have a landscape 17 design contest, several pop-up gardens and numerous activities.

Why enter the contest?
To benefit from the renown of a major international event,
To take advantage of the Festival’s high profile in the press and on social media,
To launch your activity as a landscape architect,
To make yourself known to a broad range of visitors to exceptional sights,
To obtain the recognition of landscape professionals and the press.

Important resources made available to you
Endowment of €16,000 allocated to each team to help in their project,
Host cities’ logistical support for upkeep of the garden for the entire duration of the Festival,
Support from a technical coordinator for building projects.

Application reception deadline: 10th of July 2020

You will find more information about the Festival 2021 on the website: https://festivaldesjardins.departement06.fr

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